Wango App has been recognised by Rotary Club of Akright City.
Wango App has been recognised by Rotary Club of Akright City
Wango App has involved its self in the Rotary Service Above Self campaigns of Rotary Club of Akright City

In a world increasingly driven by profit margins and competition, the essence of community service can often be overshadowed. However, Wango Innovations  recognize their responsibility to give back to society, embodying the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self."

Wango nestled in the heart of a bustling city. While known for its innovative products and services, the company's leadership feels a growing sense of obligation to contribute meaningfully to the community beyond its bottom line. Inspired by the principles of Rotary International, they embark on a journey to integrate service into their corporate culture.

Inspired by Rotary's international reach, Wango Innovations. extends its philanthropic efforts beyond its local community. Partnering with NGOs and Rotary clubs , We contributes to initiatives aimed at addressing global challenges such as poverty, hunger, and access to education.

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