Wango App Showcasing at the World Intellectual Property Day
Wango App Showcasing at the World Intellectual Property Day
Wango App Takes Center Stage: Redefining Social Networking and Intellectual Property Protection at World Intellectual Property Day - URSB Headquarters

On the bustling streets of Kampala, Uganda, where the air was thick with the scent of ambition and innovation, the World Intellectual Property Day was a grand spectacle. Inventors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from around the globe congregated to celebrate the power of human creativity and the protection of intellectual property.

Among the myriad of exhibitions and presentations. Wango App, a startup that had been making waves in the tech industry with its revolutionary approach to social networking.

Inside the booth, a team of young enthusiasts bustled about, making final preparations for our showcase. Wango App was not just another social media platform; it was a virtual world where users can explore job opportunities in ways never seen before with sophisticated algorithm

As the doors opened to the public, we were visited by, The Prime Minister of Uganda - Hon Robinah Nabanja, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs - Hon Nobert Mao, curious onlookers, as we were eager to demonstrate the magic of our creation.  From encrypted data protection to AI-powered search, Wango was leading the charge in ensuring that innovation thrived in a safe and secure environment.

We have not only showcased our app to the world but also reaffirmed our commitment to championing creativity, innovation, and the protection of intellectual property rights.

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